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As you read through the book of Acts look for…

  • How Jesus continues His work through the power of the Holy Spirit.
    • Keep Jesus as the main character throughout the book of Acts.
  • In chapter 2, how the disciples began to answer the question, What Now?
  • How these apostles were sold out for the message of the gospel, completely surrendered.
  • The importance of individuals carrying forward the message of Jesus as His witnesses.
    1. Peter began leading the movement.
    2. Stephen and Philip were bold witnesses
    3. Other Christians shared their faith as they had opportunity.
    4. Paul went as a missionary to the Gentiles, rulers and Jews.
  • How the gospel message could not be stopped from spreading.
    • Acts 17:6– The men who were known for turning the world upside down.
  • Witnesses facing imprisonment, physical harm, and even death.
  • Acts 28:31 Everything that took place in the beginning of Acts that led to a man named Paul who was awaiting trial in Rome, the epicenter of the known world.
    • He was proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hinderance.
  • The book of Acts, starting with Jesus, the promise of the power of the Holy Spirit and a small group gathered in a room.
    • Devoting themselves to prayer
  • The gospel message spreading to the Jews, to the Gentiles and across the Roman world and beyond.
    • Only by the work of God.

Below are links to a couple of resources that are helpful in understanding the overall theme and history in the book of Acts.

Statement on the Future of our Property

I am excited to see us continue to move forward in God’s work of revitalization at Metropolitan Baptist Church.  We believe our ongoing building plans to be an answer to prayer for God’s direction, as our church continues to reach Wichita with the good news of Jesus Christ.

In October 2017, the church entered a conditional agreement with Riverfront Partners, developers of River Vista Apartments, to sell a majority of our property and retain a portion that we will completely renovate into a beautiful new church that will encompass all of the requirements and innovations of the twenty-first century.

Upon approval by all parties to the contract of a master plan for the development of the land and structures, inclusive of our church and the area around it, we will then focus on the design and construction of the new church.