Last month I shared thoughts on the first part of the article “Seven Traits of Healthy Churches Today” by Thom Rainer. Below is a review of healthy church traits one through three:

  1. They truly believe in the power of the gospel.
  2. They have courageous leaders.
  3. They embrace change.

This month we will finish the list, and review traits four through seven. Rainer captures the straight-forward essence of what a healthy church looks like, and how its people interact with the world.

4. “They are not nostalgic.”
There is nothing wrong with fondly remembering the past. In fact, I consider myself to be pretty nostalgic. However, we can never allow memories of the past to keep us from being effective in the future. The mission of making and maturing disciples never changes. However, the methodology has always, and will always, continue to change.

5. “They see reality.”
This trait deals with a church being honest with itself. This kind of church is not afraid to look at its own warts. In fact, this type of church looks to seek fresh eyes in order to get a fresh perspective on what it can improve.

6. “They intentionally intersect their lives with non-Christians.”
Would you like to give fresh perspective and purpose to that drab job and the difficulties you face? Well, how about having God’s perspective about your job. He sees it as a mission field that is ripe for the harvest of the lost coming to faith in Jesus. What about the people you know from your kids’ activities? Mission field. What about your neighbors? Mission field. The waitress that you see often at the restaurant you frequent? Mission field.

7. “They accept responsibility.”
Healthy churches recognize that cultural changes may not always be for the best, but they always provide opportunities for the gospel to change lives. Healthy churches do not see other churches as competition but as partners in the enormity of the task of reaping in the field of missions.

For further reading, check out Thom Rainer’s full article at

Richest Blessings,

Pastor Mason